Who's your favorite character in Ocean: Flame of Nocturne?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So...my first blog. I'm excited to say that I am looking forward to the upcoming release of my first book Ocean: Flame of Nocturne! Its slated to release sometime in February, and there's a lot of stuff to get done. Fortunately I have a lot of help and guidance from some great friends and team members, so with any luck everything will be perfect (or as perfect as it can be).

From this point on I plan on updating this blog a few times a week, so please come back and check out my thoughts and upcoming event. Fair warning: not everything will be about he books I write. I fully intend on sharing whatever my thoughts and feelings are at that particular moment, so you'll have to pardon any seemingly completely random comments.

Wish me luck on this new beginning!

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