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Monday, May 17, 2010

Current Hate of the Week

Allergies. I hate allergies. I think I'd rather be stabbed with a fork then have a stuffed/runny nose day and night. PS. How in the heck is it possible to be able to exhale through my nose, but not inhale!? Suffocating is unpleasant.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thoughts on blinking

After long and thoughtful consideration I've decided that blinking is a good thing. Now, many of you reading this (if any of you are reading this) are probably thinking "Yes Braun. Blinking is a good thing." like I'm a retard. Unfortuneately my explanation will most likely only cement the idea that my IQ is less then it shoul be, but nevertheless here is why I have decided blinking is a good thing.

So I have a friend who lends me video games, and he recently let me borrow one that was...scarier then the rest. I was excited to play it because I've heard a lot of really good things baout it, but after about an hour I realized that I w asn;t so much excited as tense and scared. I was freaking out at one part because this thing was attackcing me and suddenly my eyes started burning.

I had forgotten to blink.

So I paused the game, upbraided myself for my stupidity, and after I had recovered I went back to playing. I died, much to my dismay and terror, but when I played the next time through I made sure to cognizantly remind my self to blink. *sigh* I may be stupid enough to forget to blink, but at least I learn from my mistakes...right?