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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thoughts on blinking

After long and thoughtful consideration I've decided that blinking is a good thing. Now, many of you reading this (if any of you are reading this) are probably thinking "Yes Braun. Blinking is a good thing." like I'm a retard. Unfortuneately my explanation will most likely only cement the idea that my IQ is less then it shoul be, but nevertheless here is why I have decided blinking is a good thing.

So I have a friend who lends me video games, and he recently let me borrow one that was...scarier then the rest. I was excited to play it because I've heard a lot of really good things baout it, but after about an hour I realized that I w asn;t so much excited as tense and scared. I was freaking out at one part because this thing was attackcing me and suddenly my eyes started burning.

I had forgotten to blink.

So I paused the game, upbraided myself for my stupidity, and after I had recovered I went back to playing. I died, much to my dismay and terror, but when I played the next time through I made sure to cognizantly remind my self to blink. *sigh* I may be stupid enough to forget to blink, but at least I learn from my mistakes...right?

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